daniel » my mail is danielknochen@gmail.com
bacin » te_ek!! alooooooooo u on fb?? pls add bacin busyuk hihihi lama tak melawat sini
bacin » te_ek!! alooooooooo u on fb?? pls add bacin busyuk hihihi lama tak melawat sini
teek » dsaint: giler malas weehh...takde idea.
dSaint » hoi,... update laaaaa....
Moda » Moda Magazin
teek » allo viva! i'm still blogging..if i'm rajin that is. the blame goes to FB
teek » allo viva! i'm still blogging..if i'm rajin that is. the blame goes to FB
viva » hey ya teek! good to see that u're still blogging
teek » selipa jepun: italy being their crappy self..bleurgh...
selipajepun » sudah agak sekian aku tidak membaca disini, cuma mahu cakap "semoga en. zambrotta kamu perform malam ini" forza azzurri!
teek » happy new year Ezz! happy thaipusam, happy federal territory, happy chinese new year as well!
Ezz » Hey Teek!! Been ages since I was last here ;p Happy New Year, darl!!
hellioz » aeolla~
teek » ben: naahh...don't think i'll blog about MJ
ben » teek..anything psl maikel jeksen..??nk tgk dr view TEEK
teek » try la some dloading stuff. but tht's "illegal" y'know
ben » hi teek.any idea nk dptkan concert michael jackson malaysia?xcpt youtube..just ask..in case kamu tau..hehe
ben » NIF62
ben » NIF62
teek » ben: i have blogspot acc. still figuring it out. sapa2 nak tolong convert, help me! tx 4 the kind words
ben » if not misttaken.blog spot leh archieve pe..so convert la teek..susah sgt. btw i follower aku betul.then dpt u plak.the thing is.i rase u punye blog better than aku betul.tp malang sekali xleh archive
teek » ben: archive kena buat manually laaahh.. hassle is blogdrive.
ben » teek.xde blog archive ke?
SepupuBradPitt » Aslkm,helo,erm nice blog ler,erm nk ajak tuan rmh atau sesape je dtg ke kenduri blog sye ni di http://chipmunk18.blogspot.com ,n jgn lupe linkkn blog ni yer,ok bye
teek » tika: hi back. lemme sokong qi, you girls sit back and relax dulu
tika » well............do someone wanna say hello to me?.............
tika » hello..........im new. ok together us sokong qi
teek » ali: thx for stopping by. and yes, blogdrive tak se-convinient blogspot....i've tried to re-arrange my archive tapi susah sbb kena buat manually. just click "next page". and do leave your link.
ali » teek..xleh acces ur oldest post easily la..i enjoy ur blog..tp malang..ssh nk access..hopefully..leh upgrade.nway..salam perkenalan dr sy.nice blog ea..
Darlene Henley » I used American Floral Distributors http://www.americanfloraldistributors.com/ for the flowers for my daughter's wedding this past May, after reading some of your past customers' favorable comments
unpretty » ladyheart.. mind 2 contact me at dis email x about dat english writer thingings.. mail me eh!! unpretty_515@yahoo.com tengsssssssssss!!
unpretty » i am fully interested in writing field.. been looking for dis kind of opportunity pretty long tyme.. so can i try? hehe
unpretty » ladyheart is dat kind of part tyme job ker aper ek?
ladyheart » Hey dude! If you are interested in writing field, do pm me! I am currently looking for an English writer who can write/rewrite 5 articles a day. Cheers!
Nikman » Hi Teek! If you've got the time, do drop by ya. I've restarted my blog. Heheh.
selipajopun » sori ye, kat bwh tu silap taip anyway grazie gigi for saving that penalty, italy went thru to 1/4.. yay!
selipajopun » 4GQ79
teek » selipajopun: zamby at his stupidest blindest moment. sib baik qualify. yay!
selipajopun » teek! how come your zambrotta make that careless backpass depressed nih kalau tak tak payah susah merayu kat holland.... hohohoho
teek » viva: will update accordingly. thx for informing.
teek » kawaii desu: hi there! thx for dropping by.
teek » nikman: hi there! my blog also has slow down lah. no idea what to write (read: life is boring ) and no time to write (read: tv is everything to me)
viva » hey ya teek. i've moved. update your link, ok?
kawaii desu » hi there, just dropping by
nikman » hi teek! how's everything? I've been on hiatus for a very long time! Close to 2 years dah since I last blogged or visited others'. Good to know ur still ur "blogative" self till now! carry on!
teek » hi ezz! i'm doing pretty good myself. hope you are great.
Ezz » Hey Teek!! How's life been treating ya?!
teek » doc: i'll blog the answer for ur Q.
delrina » u dah keje kat mana teek?
teek » yati: u kena terminate?!! the job yg u kena babysit the boss' kids rite? u r on ur new job now?
yati » skrg ni dh blh comment dh teek...ari tu code dia x kuar everytime i nk comment...lps tu i kene terminate keje..tu yg lama x visit ur blog...
yati » aik..lain taip lain lak kuar
yati » I39N4
teek » yati: xyah register la yati, you just have to re-type the confirmation code (if it appears lah)
yati » lama x jenguk sini...byk mende happened...tp masuk sini pon nk komen dh xleh...kene register ke ape lak
teek » Ezz: selamat berposa 2 u 2!
EZZ » Teek!! Slamat berposa!!
viva » lama tak datang sini
teek » viva: yep! enjoy!
viva » enjoyed the song, teek!
teek » dS: thank u for letting me know but account/audit ni not my forte ah. How about nasi lemak, cookies taster? tenkiu nevertheless.
teek » CK: hi CK!!! i even slow down my blogging activity, even bloghopping pun malas! So, it has nothing to do with getting old la (better NOT BE!). thanks for dropping by tho. and thanks for the wishes.
dsaint » eh teek, i dunno if u interested, but my dept need someone for income audit. nak tak?
CK » Either I am getting REALLY OLD...I'm just not hip enuf to be in the blogsphere...heh. Neways congrats on your new job...kerja rajin-rajin! Take care!
CK » Hi Teek! Whoa forgive me, I can't remember when was the last time I dropped by! Blogging is such a chore for me...and bloghopping used to be so much fun...
teek » Dood: my desk is not strategically placed. unlike dulu ada another person kat office...now ada 14 ppl to keep an eye on. sigh
teek » thank you so much pokku!
Dood » New job means more time infront of pc and alot more update, rite?
Pokku » Nak komen tak leh. Just want to congratulate you on the new job. Big hugs!
teek » nong: good clock u hav
teek » mr king: u r on that exercise ball ek?
shellfishspeaks nong » teek teek teek goes my clock di dinding
mr king » boing boing
teek » em: yep, at first snuffle ws imaginary. later on...i think not kot.
ubisetela » ek ele.. ape plak verifying code yg kluar situuuuu. teek, sila buat tag!
ubisetela » BJTC2
em » hi..tumpang lalu..i enjoy watching sesame as well but i never know dat snuffleupagus is imaginary..
teek » EZZ: things ok! installed connection at home laa hope u r fine & dandy!
EZZ » TEEK!! It has been a while!! I can blog again!! Well, knock on wood.. Till they find it out la... How's things, darling?
teek » nong! happy new year to you too!
nong » teeek! i know its kinda late... wth, happy new year lah!
teek » all: thank you.
Amir EtCetera » I'll believe in Baz Luhrmans words
voice » I didnt know what I'm good at or where should I be heading at 21, teek.I still don't fully know now and its 5 years after already.So I understand the feeling.What I do is breathe & go with the flow...
selipajepun » tutup je teek, jangan pikir dua kali...
ubi » teek, being 20s and not knowing what to do wth yr life is ok.. being 30 and still lost is worse!
teek » amir: epi new year to u too!
Amir EtCetera » TEEKKKKKK.... UPDATE LA... Dah masuk tahun baru dah...
teek » dood: bila? same day i was born 21 years ago.
Dood » Besday teek? bile...? takpe ahh.. selamat hari lahir...
teek » binx dearie: TQ so very much!
teek » dood: wrong thing to say dude.
Dood » Nak kerja k'jaan..! Tamo jadi kuli cha ya nun alif lagi..
teek » Dood: ko nak brenti gak?
Dood » Cool..! teek dah berenti keja.... pls email letter tu bleh, nak copy.. hahaha...
teek » Amir: still here amir. hope u r well dan dandy!
teek » AiJun = super extreme ancient blogger?