Entry: My TV crush II Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WHAT?! Why? Whyyyyyyyy?

Yuna and Chi? Chi, my TV crush Chi? Like, seriously?


Ok wait.

For a fact that Chi has been to my blog before (or maybe a psychopath trying to  pull my leg but let's stick to my fantasy that it was indeed THE Chi who was here at my blog, ok?), i need to keep calm and not show my overdosage of gedikness.

Ok. I've nothing against Yuna, well...apart form she can wear any tudung at any style and still manage to look good, how on earth she can pull it off?! Yuna is a cool chick who plays guitar and sings marvellously excellent and seriously, i've nothing against her and Chi; excellent cool couple. But...

Come on, Chi! of all the people in the world (read: ME)?! Heh heh..

Do not believe in everything you read and i'm not talking about the Kosmo link.

I'm talking about my blog =P

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April 18, 2011   05:38 AM PDT
teek, i know you've discovered the darkside, but hey, it's already more than 1/3 of 2011! update!
November 29, 2010   07:07 PM PST
ubi: my muka kena pki tudung yg ada 'awning'. ;)
and this is not the kind of berita yg i want to report. hmmph!
November 25, 2010   03:40 PM PST
as always, you lah sumber berita!
If i don't read it here, i tak tau :)

(u dah try ke pakai tudung mcm Yuna?)

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