Entry: Sandy & Keanu hook up III Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Ok, i actually want to blog about something else but laziness took over and the blog remains silent since like...forever.


Read this.

Did i hear you say "what??!". My thought exactly!!!

Come on! Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron? The heck. It's supposed to be Keanu and Sandra Bullock!

Keanu, now i actually hope you are gay. (Actually i don't, just hook up with Sandy already!) You spoilsport you.

Tartar sauce.

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May 14, 2010   03:40 PM PDT
367: hey!!! u got blog or not nowadays weh? too lazy to blog la now esp after crossing over to the darkside (aka FB) but of course i'm not gonna admit that to ubi. Will pass ur love (actually regards but no drama in that) to ubi & binx ;)
May 11, 2010   07:13 PM PDT
hey teek!! how are you doing beautiful? lama tak drop by your blog.. writing still, huh? good on ya! how's life? oh, hi to ubi & binx too - if they drop by.. cheers! 3six7
May 6, 2010   05:26 PM PDT
ubi: mana adaaaa :P
May 6, 2010   09:50 AM PDT
the blog remain silent because u were bz playing this & that on FB! ;p

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