Entry: Kalkitos: Revival! Thursday, February 18, 2010

It has been a while kan? Iíve been wanting to blog about all sorts of things but unable to properly sit down and write.

As you all know Iím on my quest of finding (cheap) Kalkitos. Iíve blogged about it here and here. (These entries still garners comments). Iíve emailed Pixar and recently I emailed Procter & Gamble because they acquired Gillette which manufactured Kalkitos back then. No such luck. I was also in correspondence with a random stranger who posted a picture of Kalkitos in her Flickr account, only to discover that her Kalkitos cost about RM10.50. What?!

Anyway, thanks to the darkside (aka FB) I joined a group consists of people who canít let go of their Kalkitos past. And from there, I Ďacquaintedí with a gentleman who actually in a process of reviving Kalkitos! When you wish really hard enough, the universe will truly conspire with you, eh? Long live Kalkitos!

But how come I wish really really REALLY hard for the engaged stalkee of office in front but tak dapat puunnn. Whereís the universe when we really need it?

Note: Stalkee in gorgeous blue shirt today.

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December 7, 2016   01:40 AM PST
my mail is danielknochen@gmail.com
did you find the kalkitos?
December 7, 2016   01:38 AM PST
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