Entry: Reality show Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I was in a colleague's car on the way back home. At the other side of the street, there was a couple on the sidewalk of the Muzium Telekom. The guy had his one hand firmly around the girl's throat choking her, taking several steps back and shoved her to the ground.


What the heck was that?!


While the girl was on the ground, there were 2 ladies passed by and did nothing. To me, that was understandable as I think, the ladies didn't see everything from the beginning plus, even if they did, the guy is big enough to whack the ladies to pulp. What got me all annoyed was a policeman who is guarding the Telekom parking entrance was just standing there watching the drama! Without doing anything! You are a policeman for goodness' sake! This is the time to be trigger-happy! Just unclip the weapon, aim and shoot the shit! Take out your pepper mace and spray it! Then, use you club and bludgeon him to death! I know, redundancy of exclamation marks, can't help it.


What the heck was that, you spineless pathetic lame policeman?!


I noticed that the girl was holding an umbrella. God knows I really want her to use the pointy part of the umbrella and hit the guy in the nuts. Really hard! So that he can't use it ever again for the rest of his life. And while he's writhing in pain, the girl should continue to beat him with the umbrella senselessly and runs away!


In traumatizing reality, the guy bent down, talking something. Pull the girl up. Both talking with sad/scared expression on the girl's face and macho/shitty on the guy's and they walked away holding hands!


WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?!! Holding freaking hands?! All forgiven and forgotten? Come on!


He hurts and humiliates her in public, I just hope that she dumps and left the guy. But not before she whacks or chokes or kicks him good. Seriously girl, what were you thinking? Ok, maybe you were thinking that "hey, I'm in love, in a relationship and I got someone to walk holding hands with, unlike you and you don't understand all these". Sure, there is very teeny weeny understandable point in that but please lah, in exchange of letting other people treat you like crap? especially physically. You've got to be kidding!


Gosh, I though all these traumatizing stuff only happens in movies. It brought out all the exclamation marks and the violence in me. I need to go and fix an appointment with my shrink.

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