Entry: Mommies' talk Sunday, December 06, 2009

After the exam, I met up with my senior. No, I'm so not gonna talk about the exam, it's too soon, I'm still raw. I need to go through several more sessions with my shrink to be able to talk about it.

Anyway, my senior (Sr.) met up with her senior (Double Sr.) and Double Sr. was nice enough to gift me a lift to the LRT station despite not knowing me. Well, she sending Sr., so, why not? I sat at the back like a big boss would. Double Sr. apologized for her messy mom-with-small-kids car; "macam ni lah kereta orang ada anak kecik" was her exact words. She should've seen Mak's car! And Mak's kids are all grown up! Mak has some serious apologizing to do, I tell you.

So, the big boss was at the back all by herself, Sr. and Double Sr. chatted in front. "My daughter is ok, but my son is a bit slow" "Well, boys are like that" "But I noticed he has good memory" "I even have to hold her hands so that she'd do her homework" "He passed his level two of reading" "how do I get to make my daughter do that?". I think under normal circumstances, I, the unattached, unmarried and unkid, would've rolled my eyes.

But I guess, I've grown & matured.

I was sitting at the back, stifling my giggles like little daughters would coz mommies are talking grown-up.

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