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Thursday, November 26, 2009
Mission: Aborted

I need to move up a phase of my stalking mission; Phase 0 to phase 1. Ok, that's not moving up, that's "starting up"! My plan is to talk to Jo, the stalkee's colleague; to press her for some info and stuff. After several days, I've finally met her at the Lava (not some fancy coffee joint, just a chic word for "LAVAtory") yesterday. After much consideration, reciting prayers & calming my erratic heartbeatsÖ

Me: Jo, do you remember last week we were in the lift going down for lunch. You were with some lady friends and 3 guys; one is bald, one is chinese and another wearing specs? (Specs is stalkee)
Jo: *Looking confused and trying to remember* HmmmÖThe bald one is Pravin, the chinese.Ö.the other one....?
Me: I think the one wearing specs is new lah, only saw him since a month ago. He just looks very familiar lah (such an excellent cover-up and lie!)
Jo: He's a malay?
Me: I dunno, looks like it.
Jo: Hmm. Oh! That's Nazri. Very handsome kan? *she laughed nervously like she's not supposed to find other guy is good looking coz she's happily married*
Me: Cute! *Joining her laugh to make it like jokey moment with her but God knows I do find him cute! But definitely not handsome*

With the jokey moment continues, perfect moment to ask something; gotta try my luck!

Me: He's married ah?
Jo: BeluuumÖtapi baru je engaged.
Me: Aahh. (read: Darn it!)

There you go. Execution of phase 1 led to the end of the whole mission.

Ok. Moving. On.

p/s: Went to book sale preview and my best buy is hardcover Postsecret book for RM10/-!
p/p/s: Will be having an exam for the umpteenth time on Tuesday. Wish me luck!

Posted at 07:47 am by teeklebone
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Monday, November 23, 2009
Book contest

Iíve been entering this weekly book contest ever since it started. And I never win anything!

So. Ok.

Out of fun, when I comes to the 10th contest, I entered using Bratís name. What happened? Of course, Brat was one of the winners! Now, she canít stop bragging on her lucky name. Technically, yes, I won the contest (prize is a book). But still! One time try using Bratís name and she won? The destiny didnít conspire with me.

Subsequently, I entered using my name and no such luck. For the next few, I didnít bother coz I donít like the prize. Recently, I tried my luck again. And I won! Woo hoo! But wait, what did I get? I won myself an invitation to a cheap books sale preview. What? Lemme see. Brat won a book for free (though technically its mine), I won an invitation that requires me to fork out my money to get a book?! Whereís the justice here? Tell me.

Won a contest. Yay!
Pay to get book. Not so yay. In fact, not yay at all.

Destiny didnít conspire with me.

p/s: Iím preparing to do some serious damage to my purse and my ears; not sure Mak will like me buying more books.

p/p/s: Woohoo, I just found a stash of cash that I never knew I had in one of my big magical bagís pockets!

Posted at 03:13 pm by teeklebone
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My manager asked me to go to CCM today with *a colleague whom I have a problem of getting along with.

I feel like cryyyiiinnngggg. And the day just got gloomier.

*maybe one of these days, the story will be told.

Posted at 10:15 am by teeklebone
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Thursday, November 12, 2009
Office Stalkee

How good is it to have a stalkee who works in the office opposite your office?

Very.good.indeed! Marvelous!

But how hard is it to stalk someone who works in the office opposite your office?

Apparently, very.hard.indeed.

Whenever I walk out of the office, he just came back from somewhere heading in. I can smile, but if other people caught me smiling to his back, thatís a bit dodgy.

p/s: maybe i can bribe the tea lady who always do some washing up in our shared washroom to put on good words for me? Heck, maybe i should just pass her a piece of paper with my number on it.

p/p/s: i.don't.think.so.lah. 

Posted at 07:52 am by teeklebone
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Smelly nooses

Iím sure youíve noticed that the yukhy smelly grey rubber nooses in certain LRT coaches have been changed to a new red (& grey) ones, which I guarantee will be as yukhy & smelly as the grey ones sooner or later.

One morning, there was this greedy "Green O&G" guy who was holding 2 smelly-black-daki-spotted rubber nooses; one in each hand. If he has his name embroided onto his shirt, I would definitely disclosed it. But he didnít. Dang.

Anyway, I was so tempted to say to him: "Smell your hands, go ahead..smell it, Mr. Greedy." And I shall wait patiently with a smirk. Of course, that was all in my head lah.

Yíknow what? If you need to hold on to the smelly noose, hold on to one will do. One smelly hand is enough, donít you think? If you are tall enough to hold on to the horizontal railing, please do so. Pity us the vertically challenged (read: cute) people. If you are standing near the vertical railing, please make use of that to balance yourself.

Just a public service reminder.

Posted at 12:55 pm by teeklebone
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Friday, November 06, 2009
Friends like these

The downside of going to work with your sister (read: Brat). Not working with her in the same office, just getting out of the house together.

When she needs to arrive at work early, we have to get out of the house early. That means, I arrive at the LRT station early. That means, I board the LRT early. That means, my stalking mission messes up. That means, the possibility of seeing the stalkee is practically none. That means, the sister has seriously messes up my plan single handedly. Gah!

The LRT stalkee is seriously cute, I kid you not. Especially when he dons his black skullcap and baju melayu. But I think heís like, 8 years old i.e. way way way too young. Strictly for cuci mata only.

I recommend.

Danny Wallaceís Friends like these. It was one of the best books Iíve ever readÖever! Brilliantly funny and very well written. Not only I smiled and chuckled, I laughed! And I cried. Boo hoo.

You can borrow mine if you want, just donít fold & crease the covers and most definitely do not break the spine! Iím particular like that. But even if you do (I hope accidentally), most probably I just overlook it because Iím nice like that.

I wish i can write like him.


Posted at 09:43 am by teeklebone
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Monday, November 02, 2009
No Plastic Bags!

If I can shove the things Iíve purchased into my big magic bag or my "recycle" bag, I will; "taknak plastic bag" I said.

Not really for environmental reasons (thatís secondary. Guilty!). Just that there are too many plastic bags in the house! And in my room! I donít want to go through the "breeding plastic bags in my almari" phase again.

On my way to work this morning, I stopped by at the 24h convenient store. The lady in Q in front of me bought one small chocolate drink. The cashier girl asked "nak plastik?", the lady said "yes". And then my turn, I have 2 items and the cashier girl has standby-ed a plastic bag in her hand. After she teet-teet my purchase, I just said "taknak plastik". Cashier girl said "Bagus! Dia tu (the lady with chocolate drink) tak alam sekitar betul".

I just smiled. Smile because she said "tak alam sekitar", that was cute.

And today, the world will be a better place for you and for me...and the entire human race. Wink

Posted at 10:15 am by teeklebone
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Thursday, October 22, 2009
You are the best thing

Absolutely love the horns!

Ray LaMontagne's You are the best thing

Posted at 08:36 am by teeklebone
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009
Good & Bad

I went to my colleagueís house for raya do. The next day,my colleague told us that her mum said...

"Si Teek & J (my other colleague) tu lawaaa budak nya. Apsal la tak kawin lagi?"

Wahey! Makcik, you so totally deserve my cheese cake Wink


Why la the people who have been persistently asking me to do a facebook account are the same people who Iíve been thinking of NOT wanting to add if I were to have a facebook account? As if I need more stress from you guys. No thanks, I had enough during our school & college years. Stop bullying me.

She said "wamai budak mengkeb kat sitew".

Ohmygod, please la save your babytalk for your babies.

p/s: Nowadays i'm so good at updating blog. aren't i?

Posted at 09:38 am by teeklebone
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Some say it's cheesy, but it'll make one heckuva 'feel good', 'smiley', 'pick-me-up' song. And yes, a good love song too.

I hope your life is as good as you want it to be. ;)

Posted at 12:17 am by teeklebone
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