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Thursday, October 30, 2008
My TV crush

This, has been going on for quite some time, most probably since centuries ago. Recently, i told Brat about it and she's been having a good laugh ever since. That's her; my ever so-supportive sister. *roll eyes*

Y'see, i'm having a huge, massive, humongous, enormous, gigantic, monstrous, great, mighty, big TV CRUSH on ...... Chi!

Chi, please be a doll (unlike that certain Hollywood-guy-who-thinks-he's-too-good-to-google-himself-just-because-he-can-absorbs-other-people's-power. Ceh) and google yourself and you will stumble upon this entry and email me! Yay!

Note: Just to make sure i cover everything. Heh heh.- Chi. Chi Razali, Qi, Qushairi Mohammed Razali. 8tv. Destinasi Bajet. Fieldtrip. A girl can hope, right? Wink

Posted at 09:12 am by teeklebone

March 14, 2009   02:35 PM PDT
Hey,wow...i guess i am kinda vain to google diri sendiri...hahahha....and im touched by everything that i see...the good,the bad and the art in me:)tapi, kalau takde support,takkan ke mane pun usaha...so thank you so much...i am and will always be a friend to all who befriends me...

you guys can e-mail me - qi0808@gmail.com
January 22, 2009   01:59 PM PST
girls, settle down! let's just hope that Qi is vain enough to google himself. :P
December 28, 2008   12:08 PM PST
pape pun gosip yg melande dier.. xkn berubah chenta ku padanye.. ahaks.. adoi.. crush gilew kat dier neh... dpt jadik kawan pon jadik arrrrrr... puhlisssssssssss chiiiiiii!
December 28, 2008   12:04 PM PST
i luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv him sho mash!! damn mash!! hahaha!! caner ek nk kontek dier? ahakss
December 4, 2008   12:40 AM PST
cute gler die !!
omg !
i lap him !
November 10, 2008   08:21 AM PST
dr angah: Oh.My.God. Like ohmygawd! you breath in the same air as he is??!!

:P nyampah.
dr angah
November 8, 2008   10:12 AM PST
like omg.cute gila kan? i did my practical in 8tv before and saw him and mulut ternganga.maluu nak tegooooooo.hehe.

neways, hi teek!
November 3, 2008   02:22 PM PST
hana: very the. ;)

ubi.dah.takmo.blog: Chi; my current major TV crush!
October 31, 2008   11:19 AM PDT
err... Chi who?
I thot u nak cakap pasal Feng Shui :)

October 30, 2008   10:18 PM PDT
comel kan die? suke jugak. :)

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