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Monday, May 28, 2007
Kalkitos II

I blogged about Kalkitos 2 years ago (it was THAT long?) and surprisingly the entry still garners comments until today. These-nice-people-who-is-nice-enough-to-help increasing-my-hit googled for it and ended up at my blog.

Since i am always a determine sort of person when it comes to nonsensical things; I, TEEK, hereby vows to get to the end of this Kalkitos business. I'll promise to make your Kalkitos googling worthwhile! Unless of course, after all have been done and i'm getting nowhere..therefore it won't be worth your while.

Just letting you know on my progress. I knew Kalkitos is still in existance with the image of "The Incredibles" kalkitos came up at G00gle Image. So, i went to Pixar's website and been clicking here and there hoping to find something. None found. I did however emailed to them requesting contact details of the Kalkitos manufacturer which they've granted their license to, in order for the manufacturer to produce "The Incredibles" version of Kalkitos. Sad to report, darn it..my email bounced back.

Fraid not my fellow peasants! i did re-send it. Yet, bounced back again. Double darn it!

For the 2nd time, Fraid not my fellow peasants! My determination on nonsensical things is still very much alive! i'll definitely search for it until either i got it.....or i totally give up on it.


* Ok-laaah.. i'll try my very best to blog often.

Posted at 08:35 pm by teeklebone

June 8, 2007   09:18 AM PDT
purple: sini takde unit sukan, tapi ada unit nasi lemak!!! yay! :D

Honey star: so far, no news yet...i missed kalkitos. wonder how much it'll cost me now?
Honey Star
June 8, 2007   12:06 AM PDT
Heya, Im looking for this kalkitos thingy for my nephew. So still no news about it? Gosh...y did they stop making it..it was so fun :(
May 29, 2007   01:07 PM PDT
teekie : so, yr new ofis ada 'unit sukan' tak?? hehehehe... :)

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