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Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Wanted: Kalkitos

This is what i really want (for now) - Kalkitos.


Some of you might have no idea what Kalkitos is. Basically it's a piece of paper folded into 2 (or 3) with picture/scenery on it. There is another "transparent" paper with tiny pictures/images on it. Then, you transfer the tiny pictures on the paper by rubbing it. Make sense tak? It can be a general picture of a house or a park (where you can put furniture, family members, kid playing kite, dogs etc anywhere you desire) or theme-d Kalkitos like Flinstones & Yogi Bear.

As for me, Kalkitos go way back, back during primary school. Right after mengaji at the house not far away from Atok's, i would make a compulsory visit to Kedai Cik Awe to get my Kalkitos fix. I can't remember how much it cost; probably in the range of 20 - 50 cents. I remember of selecting carefully on my desired scenery, it would take a few minutes while my older brother ventured the Kedai Mamak next door. Usually, i came out with 2 Kalkitos in hand, depending on my budget really. As i arrived at Atok's house, immediately i would work on it - scanning all the tiny images, figuring out what to put where and transfer. It's a waste of money kinda think of it but i just love it! I have a collection of it...loads! All i stored it at Atok's, and i know it has long gone as my auntie, the spring cleaning goddess for sure has thrown it all away. My Kalkitooooosssss....*sob* *sob*

I want it. I have no idea how but i want it. I wish someone somewhere some store out there is in possession of Kalkitos and selling it. I've tried googling it - "Kalkitos", "kalkitos + malaysia", "kalkitos + production", "kalkitos +manufacturer". Of all that googling, the results were either in German or Dutch but most of it, the results were in Spanish. Sigh, no habla Espanol! I've even Ebayed it. No success so far except for someone in Portugal (or Spain, can't remember) is selling it for RM8++! RM8??! plus shipping charges and all lagi? Giler.

Just to test my luck, i did call up the famous toy store only to be asked back "what? skitos? What is that?" Sigh. I know Kalkitos is still very much alive as i found this "The Incredible" kalkitos during my googling adventure. While at it, I also found this quote by someone at some forum "Kalkitos is like PS2 of the early 80s man!" Hear ye Hear ye! Kalkitos kickass!

But where i can get one? Anyone pleaseee.....i want Kalkitos!!!

Posted at 01:16 pm by teeklebone

Jo Rodigues
October 11, 2011   08:44 PM PDT
hi there. have loads of kalkitos to sell.
call me
Jo Rodrigues
00351) 960240122 or 00351) 916737288
February 18, 2010   10:02 AM PST
all: kalkitos will be revived!
January 28, 2010   10:37 AM PST
Hahahahahahha.... yea yea I remember Kalkitos.. Im a Kalkitos freak.. Those days when I behave myself or help her do house chores.. she will reward me with Kalkitos.. because of that I always find excuses to help her.. heheheh... oh I miss Kalkitos.. My husband is 4 years my junior.. when I mention Kalkitos.. he was like.. what?? Kaki toes? He know nuts about it.. what a shame.. Neway I wish... I wish so hard... that someone out there sell Kalkitos... Do let me know if you guys find k... :-)
February 27, 2009   10:57 PM PST
Just to let you know I am also a terrific fan of this childhood game Kalkitos and also having no luck getting any to show it to my son! I'll be on the lookout for any still! Thanks for the memories!
February 27, 2009   10:56 PM PST
Just to let you know I am also a terrific fan of this childhood game Kalkitos and also having no luck getting any to show it to my son! I'll be on the lookout for any still! Thanks for the memories!
June 29, 2008   06:10 PM PDT
Kalkitos joy me up all the time. I'll tyr my best to get them reborn! The memories are there, fresh inside our mind. For those who never access to kalkitos, you'll definitely enjoy them when they back in action!! Hope for the best!!
Positively Surprised
June 26, 2008   09:42 AM PDT
Amazing, and I thought Kalkitos was exclusively a Portuguese thing, because the name makes sense in Portuguese. You see, the verb "calcar" is "to press" and "ito" (=singular. "itos" for plural) is kind of a diminuitive (kind of as in english you add a "y" to words to express a smaller version - example: add "y" to dog and you get doggy). Mix the 2 words "calcar" + "ito"(loosing the last 2 letters from "calcar"), replace Cs for Ks and you get Kalkitos!

So in Portuguese it transmits the idea that it is something small and you use it by the action of pressing. Which is exactly what it is!!!

For those looking for something similar try looking for the terms "rub on" or "transfer".

The results found are not the same fun though, I just loved the scenarios and themed transfer sheets.
I missed them so much! :(

I have no idea why they are gone. I bet kids nowadays would love them the same.
I can't believe the company producing them would not have a profit.
Please bring them back!!!
I would definitely buy them.
May 18, 2007   06:21 PM PDT
manny, snt, mira, deOughtred: tq for dropping by! am still in my adventure of finding kalkitos and one of these day i shall prevail!!! hehehe...bit of a drama there :P

i miss it horribly.
May 17, 2007   04:30 PM PDT
Teek, just wrote about Kalkitos in my blog on Mother's Day. My mom never failed to buy Kalkitos for me. Though I can't remember specigic theme but I just loved it.

We should've collected them and sell them now for hundreds of ringgit as collectible items. :-)

Anyway, Kandos isn't Krispy. Kandow is shorter and thinner with no rich bran, just plain cocholate.
February 17, 2007   01:53 AM PST
I live in Pakistan and loved kalkitos as a kid. The scenery I remember most vividly is the wild west one with cowboys and indians. Used to kill myself laughing by transferring the indians' arrows so that they'd be sticking out the cowboy's ass hahahhaha!!
Really wish I could get ahold of some.
August 30, 2006   03:27 PM PDT
Peter: thx 4 dropping by and leaving a comment. I think the best part of Kalkitos was figuring out where everything should go, right? You have to think thoroughly so that everything is in correct place! ;)
August 28, 2006   06:05 PM PDT
I loved Kalkitos also,my Mum used to buy them for me and I would look forward to receiving them and spend some enjoyable lenghts of time deciding where to place each transfer.Some careful consideration went in there.

February 6, 2006   10:27 AM PST
seri: yep, all the souls who remembered it...wanting kalkitos sooo bad! thx 4 dropping by.

wtl: it does brought back cool memories. thx 4 dropping by.

roonsa: i'm still looking for kalkitos manufacturer on the net. it's hard! to think that the internet is the source of everything and yet i've found nothing!!! but then again, maybe i've found it but it's in spanish. no hable espanol. good luck on your Kalkitos journey! thx 4 dropping by!
February 4, 2006   05:10 PM PST
I was talking to my wife about Kalkitos this morning and decided to Google it which brought me to this page.

I remember it quite clearly when I was about 8 or 9 in the late 70s. It was quite expensive as far as I can remember. For some strange reason I seem to recall that it was 33 pence which was a hell of a lot of money for a kid in those days. As a result, I didn't get that many and it was bought as a treat if I'd been good.

The two I remember were

1) A football (soccer) scene whereby you had to transfer the cartoon football players onto a scene of a goal being scored. I got the perspective totally wrong and had a bigger player in the background taking the corner and the smaller player in the foreground heading the ball into the net. Whether I did this for a laugh or because I was stupid doesn't spring to mind.

2) A Halloween special with all sorts of weird creatures and things going on. There was a trap door in the middle of the cartoon scene and you had to transfer a man in a state of shock as he was about to fall in.

I have also tried to locate Kalkitos on E-Bay but nobody in the UK seems to have any! It made it up to Scotland in the late 70s so I'm sure there must be other people out there who recall it and still have theirs!
January 30, 2006   12:38 AM PST
i remember kalkitos. smiles..smiles.
love it. brings back childhood memories.
January 1, 2006   06:32 PM PST
i grew up with kalkitos too! was just talking about it with my pals last night. we also wonder where to find it. so glad that there is another soul who remembers it.
December 31, 2005   02:39 AM PST
Very2 true teek! I tak minat Gameboy sgt though. Yg I minat gile was Micro Genius! Haha... Tu mmg best gile lah. Siap boleh lari lagi cepat2 nak gi rumah kawan I just to play his Micro Genius. Those were the days...
December 30, 2005   07:14 PM PST
nikman: you only minat 'game & watch" and "gameboy" only!

wab: lu punya muka nostalgia ..ata..ensem ka? :P

3six7: gangster kat kampong eh?

RE: thanks! same goes to youuuu..Happy New year.
Rostam Effendi
December 30, 2005   04:45 PM PST
Selamat Tahun Baru. May 2006 gives u a better year than the years before.
December 30, 2005   10:13 AM PST
kalkitos? apo ko bondo tu... kalkulator tau la thehehe..
dulu kat kampung kita main basikal, baling tin, rounders, bola, gi swimming kat sungai, galah panjang etc - mostly outdoor. tak minat la gosok2 gambar tampal tuh.. theheheh
December 29, 2005   10:37 PM PST
he he he..
wa dulu pun suka main kalkitos..
*insert ikon muka nostalgia here*
December 29, 2005   06:45 PM PST
I tak ingat the name Kalkitos, but I vaguely remember playing with that though. Tapi takde la rasa best sgt pun. I guess I'm one of those yg tak minat benda tu kot.
December 29, 2005   04:23 PM PST
<b>Unca RE:</b> i did grow up just fine...heheh, sihat dan kuat kuat kuat! kuat tengok tv.

<b>MB:</b> yep, me forgot bout it too until reading someone's blog somewhere last month triggered my memory.

<b>amir:</b> JOM! apa jom jom? pi carikkan kalkitos first, baru leh jom jom.

<b>jiwa:</b> kandos still alive right? now the name is 'krispy'. was it? i confused the rice ceklat thing and the ceklat with diamond shape in the middle.
December 29, 2005   03:18 PM PST
Yes. I like Kalkitos too. And I like cekelat Kandos..
Amir EtCetera
December 29, 2005   03:11 PM PST
TEEK!!! Jom main Kalkitos sama sama.. Best wooooo....
Memphis Belle
December 29, 2005   01:28 PM PST
I haven't heard of that for a loooooonggggggg time...
Rostam Effendi
December 29, 2005   11:56 AM PST
Yeah I remembered it. But then back then, I cant afford it!

Now can afford PS2! Hehehehe.... Guess Teek u r growing up just fine...
December 29, 2005   11:11 AM PST
binx: can u imagine? i just throw away my chances of being in the WORLD book of record- kalkitos millionaire.

pesky lil bro AiJun: naper tak lekat on ur own schoolbooks? less thrill eh?

pesa: not becoz i'm old...in this case, u r the katak :P

bacin: ye la tu ..u tau konon! kasi tunjuk bukti dulu then we negotiate psl upah .
December 29, 2005   09:57 AM PST
Teek.. aku tahu kat mane u can get this kalkitos.. upah?? :p
December 29, 2005   07:16 AM PST
gosh teek...you're that old ehh??? muahahahhaahha... >:)
December 29, 2005   06:09 AM PST
Ha hAH H AH aaH aH ahHA haA aHaHa Ha HaH AHa HAHh!!!! I distinctively remember transferring hundreds of various cartoon animals all over my elder sister's schoolbook, much to her horror. I swear my eardrums could have burst due to her loud screamings.
December 28, 2005   05:19 PM PST
hey... i remember Kalkitos.... me used to love it too!

ermm.. i bet kan teek.. if u were to keep all those that you've played with dulu.. now mesti jadi collectors item.. can sell ribu2 tuh.. hehehe

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