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Wednesday, July 27, 2005
Public Service Reminder

This is a public service reminder from Teek.


- When the LRT door didn't close or stuck open because your shoulder is in the way; the door will re-open itself.
- Don't ever, NEVER stick your head out to check what on earth is wrong with the door?! The door is none of your concern, i repeat NONE of your concern.
- If you stick your head out, the door will stuck open again and there will be certain commuters will blog a "Putra Lrt - Public Service Announcement" in their blogs.
- The right thing to do is just step back and make sure none of your bodyparts are in the way (for the second time). The door will re-open and close again, like magic. Abracadabra!
- Thank your lucky stars that you don't have to retrieve your head on the LRT platform.
- Thank your lucky stars again that the doors of PUTRA LRT have that rubber buffers & good sensor system.
- Thank your lucky stars, yet again that you ARE NOT on the Monorail; which despite having a 'driver' with brain to boot, it doors still determine to decapitate people.


To those LRT's male commuters who like to 'touch' women's bodyparts, go home and touch yourself!!! Idiots.

Posted at 09:29 am by teeklebone

August 8, 2005   04:44 PM PDT
DG, left oledi!
Dade Ghost
August 5, 2005   04:57 PM PDT
Ello Teek, how come your train did not leave the station?...... come on ... keep on blogging....
July 28, 2005   09:04 AM PDT
DG: you secind headwind, but your idea is ugh...EEEUUUWWWW!

binx: whereeeeee iiiiiiiis maaaaiiiiiiiii stalkeeeeeeee???
July 28, 2005   09:01 AM PDT
3six7: buy a car for me, can ah? ;)

kepalaangin: :S
July 27, 2005   11:20 PM PDT
teek.. dun laa marah2.. i know y u bengang.. coz the lrt guy no longer takes the lrt kan?
Dade Ghost
July 27, 2005   02:53 PM PDT
I agree with HW @ HeadWind @ Kepala Angin.... next time grope for his penis... and exlclaim out loud.... Ooooooo macam baby punya!

No no dont do it... I was only kidding.... I can see in the newspaper headlines.... a lady charged in court for groping baby's penis!!!
July 27, 2005   11:03 AM PDT
you selalu kena 'touch' yek.. kesian.. lain kali balas balik aaa, baru fair.. hehehe..
July 27, 2005   09:56 AM PDT
teek, i used to take lrt to work long time ago. phew.. what an experience, expecially during the morning rush. than kalau evening pulak - macam2 bau! ewwww.... then, one time the lrt stucked in between stations.. and it's 5 min to 9am! i swore that was the last time i took lrt to work. hehe.

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