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Wednesday, November 24, 2010
My TV crush II

WHAT?! Why? Whyyyyyyyy?

Yuna and Chi? Chi, my TV crush Chi? Like, seriously?


Ok wait.

For a fact that Chi has been to my blog before (or maybe a psychopath trying to  pull my leg but let's stick to my fantasy that it was indeed THE Chi who was here at my blog, ok?), i need to keep calm and not show my overdosage of gedikness.

Ok. I've nothing against Yuna, well...apart form she can wear any tudung at any style and still manage to look good, how on earth she can pull it off?! Yuna is a cool chick who plays guitar and sings marvellously excellent and seriously, i've nothing against her and Chi; excellent cool couple. But...

Come on, Chi! of all the people in the world (read: ME)?! Heh heh..

Do not believe in everything you read and i'm not talking about the Kosmo link.

I'm talking about my blog =P

Posted at 09:53 pm by teeklebone
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Friday, August 06, 2010

Why must you make fun of my feelings; my anger, my sadness, my happiness etc.? Why  must you invalidate my feelings?

Why must you belittle things that I do? Belittling my life?

Why must you say bad things about me? Why must you joke cruelly?  Why must you bully me?

What am I? A robot that has no feelings?

Allah tidak membebani seseorang melainkan sesuai dengan kesanggupannya…maaflah kami,  ampunilah kami, dan rahmatilah kami. (Al-Baqarah 286)


Posted at 11:52 pm by teeklebone
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Wednesday, May 05, 2010
Sandy & Keanu hook up III

Ok, i actually want to blog about something else but laziness took over and the blog remains silent since like...forever.


Read this.

Did i hear you say "what??!". My thought exactly!!!

Come on! Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron? The heck. It's supposed to be Keanu and Sandra Bullock!

Keanu, now i actually hope you are gay. (Actually i don't, just hook up with Sandy already!) You spoilsport you.

Tartar sauce.

Posted at 01:02 pm by teeklebone
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Sandy & Keanu hook up II

It was all over the news.

Sandy's (that's Ms. Sandra Bullock to you, mortals) husband, that idiot Jesse James allegedly has been cheating on her with a tattoo model who actually has a tattoo on her forehead! Go figure.


So….Sandy, you & Keanu should totally just get on with it already!

If Keanu is not gay that is. Somebody decided to rain on my parade and told me that he is. He's totally not, right? Ppfftt.

p/s: He looked hot at the Academy award! And he was fist bumping with Gabourey Sidibe. He's cool.

Sandy & Keanu hook up I

Posted at 11:46 am by teeklebone
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Monday, March 22, 2010
Public Service Reminder II: LRT

If you were sitting down in the LRT, please do not sit with your legs crossed because it will be an inconvenience to the ones standing up. Your crossed leg is sticking out and is getting in our way.

Who do you think you are anyway?

Kurt Hummel? Puh-lease!

Past entry: Public Service Reminder

Posted at 03:02 pm by teeklebone
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Wednesday, March 03, 2010
Double whammy

Double whammy. Bad double whammy.

I discovered today that my job interview with the Big Green company was unsuccessful. And I checked online, I failed the exam of my remaining paper.

I am frustrated. But when Mak smsed and asked me (letter arrived at home), I’m feeling overwhelmed by the frustration and disappointment and every single bad feelings in the world.

I’m so sorry.

Posted at 11:14 am by teeklebone
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Thursday, February 18, 2010
Kalkitos: Revival!

It has been a while kan? I’ve been wanting to blog about all sorts of things but unable to properly sit down and write.

As you all know I’m on my quest of finding (cheap) Kalkitos. I’ve blogged about it here and here. (These entries still garners comments). I’ve emailed Pixar and recently I emailed Procter & Gamble because they acquired Gillette which manufactured Kalkitos back then. No such luck. I was also in correspondence with a random stranger who posted a picture of Kalkitos in her Flickr account, only to discover that her Kalkitos cost about RM10.50. What?!

Anyway, thanks to the darkside (aka FB) I joined a group consists of people who can’t let go of their Kalkitos past. And from there, I ‘acquainted’ with a gentleman who actually in a process of reviving Kalkitos! When you wish really hard enough, the universe will truly conspire with you, eh? Long live Kalkitos!

But how come I wish really really REALLY hard for the engaged stalkee of office in front but tak dapat puunnn. Where’s the universe when we really need it?

Note: Stalkee in gorgeous blue shirt today.

Posted at 09:45 am by teeklebone
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I think i've done more than my fair share of whining and complaining, thinking how unfair life is, wallowing in self pity and forever feeling sorry for myself.

But there were moments when i actually realised that i'm blessed. I don't know what i did to deserve all the nice things, but i am truly grateful, thankful for i'm blessed.

The balloon said "semoga sihat sejahtera (amin), dilindungi di dunia & akhirat (amin) dan cepat kawen (woohoo! amin) - amin -".

Thank you to Mak & Bapak, Brat, Aunt Techkie & family and the rest.

p/s: I've finally crossed over to the darkside. And i'm giddy.

Posted at 07:22 am by teeklebone
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Reality show

I was in a colleague's car on the way back home. At the other side of the street, there was a couple on the sidewalk of the Muzium Telekom. The guy had his one hand firmly around the girl's throat choking her, taking several steps back and shoved her to the ground.


What the heck was that?!


While the girl was on the ground, there were 2 ladies passed by and did nothing. To me, that was understandable as I think, the ladies didn't see everything from the beginning plus, even if they did, the guy is big enough to whack the ladies to pulp. What got me all annoyed was a policeman who is guarding the Telekom parking entrance was just standing there watching the drama! Without doing anything! You are a policeman for goodness' sake! This is the time to be trigger-happy! Just unclip the weapon, aim and shoot the shit! Take out your pepper mace and spray it! Then, use you club and bludgeon him to death! I know, redundancy of exclamation marks, can't help it.


What the heck was that, you spineless pathetic lame policeman?!


I noticed that the girl was holding an umbrella. God knows I really want her to use the pointy part of the umbrella and hit the guy in the nuts. Really hard! So that he can't use it ever again for the rest of his life. And while he's writhing in pain, the girl should continue to beat him with the umbrella senselessly and runs away!


In traumatizing reality, the guy bent down, talking something. Pull the girl up. Both talking with sad/scared expression on the girl's face and macho/shitty on the guy's and they walked away holding hands!


WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?!! Holding freaking hands?! All forgiven and forgotten? Come on!


He hurts and humiliates her in public, I just hope that she dumps and left the guy. But not before she whacks or chokes or kicks him good. Seriously girl, what were you thinking? Ok, maybe you were thinking that "hey, I'm in love, in a relationship and I got someone to walk holding hands with, unlike you and you don't understand all these". Sure, there is very teeny weeny understandable point in that but please lah, in exchange of letting other people treat you like crap? especially physically. You've got to be kidding!


Gosh, I though all these traumatizing stuff only happens in movies. It brought out all the exclamation marks and the violence in me. I need to go and fix an appointment with my shrink.

Posted at 09:27 pm by teeklebone
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Sunday, December 06, 2009
Mommies' talk

After the exam, I met up with my senior. No, I'm so not gonna talk about the exam, it's too soon, I'm still raw. I need to go through several more sessions with my shrink to be able to talk about it.

Anyway, my senior (Sr.) met up with her senior (Double Sr.) and Double Sr. was nice enough to gift me a lift to the LRT station despite not knowing me. Well, she sending Sr., so, why not? I sat at the back like a big boss would. Double Sr. apologized for her messy mom-with-small-kids car; "macam ni lah kereta orang ada anak kecik" was her exact words. She should've seen Mak's car! And Mak's kids are all grown up! Mak has some serious apologizing to do, I tell you.

So, the big boss was at the back all by herself, Sr. and Double Sr. chatted in front. "My daughter is ok, but my son is a bit slow" "Well, boys are like that" "But I noticed he has good memory" "I even have to hold her hands so that she'd do her homework" "He passed his level two of reading" "how do I get to make my daughter do that?". I think under normal circumstances, I, the unattached, unmarried and unkid, would've rolled my eyes.

But I guess, I've grown & matured.

I was sitting at the back, stifling my giggles like little daughters would coz mommies are talking grown-up.

Posted at 10:20 pm by teeklebone
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